Betriebserweiterung - EFRE
Secure and improve
It is our declared aim to ensure and enhance the productivity of your facilities throughout their entire service life. Modern facilities and data collection systems have to meet the highest quality requirements (ISO, HACCP concepts, cost-finding systems, etc.) to be able to react to the market quickly and efficiently.
This is ensured by:
  • preventive service and maintenance efforts
  • maintenance contracts for preventive services
  • user training and training courses
  • installation and retrofitting
  • software and control system upgrade service
  • remote maintenance of control systems
  • spare parts service (company-internal store)
  • status testing
  • process development and product tests, including those with rented machines if required
Service of valve knot
Service of valve knot

Maintenance work 
on homogenizer
Maintenance work
on homogenizer